Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rumour Milling 2: Mill Harder

I have it on extremely good authority that today at a luncheon in Holyrood Premier Danny Williams will formally endorse Liberal candidate Scott Andrews as he ramps up his ABC campaign against Fabian Manning in the Avalon riding.

And by extremely good sources, I mean straight from the horse's mouth.

Keep your eyes open today, the "battleground" riding of Avalon is suddenly going to start looking more like a Cold War-esque war of proximity.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rumour Milling

There's nothing like a good election hey? It's been so long since we had to go to the polls to give a personally abhorrent conservative another term of being drunk with power behind the machinery of the State that I was almost starting to go through withdrawal.

Also, I really just wanted and excuse to put up a placeholder post here to replace that poorly thought out John McCain sight gag from July.

Sabbaticals are rough, let me tell you.

But in the meantime, I'd just like to throw out an unsubstantiated rumour relayed to me by a confidante who made the questionable life decision of being involved with the New Democrats: namely, that Ryan Cleary's campaign manager (or similarly frivolous position) is none other than my good friend Ivan Morgan! I have no idea if this is true but I really hope that it is - if only so that Cleary's coffers will be filled with complimentary Purity pastries.

Feel free to spread that rumour around anyways - there's nothing like a good self-fulfilling prophecy.